Friday, December 28, 2012

Smart IP Blog Launched Launched It's Own Blog

As far as this is the first record in our official blog, we just want to announce this event, and for those, who don't know what is, we want to give an overview.

We decided to start this blog to collect and publish all the interesting facts and rumours from an IP world and have an ability to communicate with our users.

So, let's start.

What Is Smart IP?

Smart IP for today is one of the leading services providing to it's users all the required information about IP-addresses and everything related to them.

We can easily tell you what is IP of your computer or mobile device, geolocate an IP-address, measure your internet connection speed, do ping test to your or another computer, tell you IP WHOIS data, scan ports of your computer to detect vulnerabilities, trace email origin and help you scan files and links for viruses in the Internet or your local PC.

We are unique, because all our tools made by hand with love for people. We are open to our visitors, because we want to provide the best service. We are free, because our goal not to "make a lot of money", but to be helpful.

Instead of just serving search engine requests, like do many other similar websites, we are trying to build the tools which could really help to the people. That's why we provide many ways to access our data. We have for you:

We are working hard every day to improve our services and you always welcome to participate by giving us your idea, bug report or word.

We Are Looking For Help

Like our service? What to help us? No problem. Here is what you can do:
  • Tell about us to your friends
  • Share our tools with your friends or community in social networks
  • Post about us in your blog or website
  • Use our IP-userbars or IP-buttons
  • Use our Geo-IP API
  • Help us host a speed-test server at your web-hosting
  • Write to us your ideas, proposals, critics or interesting facts from an IPv4 or IPv6 worlds

We would be very, very appreciate for your help. Let's keep in touch!

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